The College Coaching Sessions (for students at college or university)

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So, how’s it going? Have you settled into term two? Are you still getting there? Are you getting there on time?

If you have just started (or started back) at college or university and you think a bit of extra support might help you make it through the first weeks of this term, read on ..

Organising and planning

Deadlines have already been given. Will you make them? Maybe some have been and gone. Have you got your act together? Are you handling it?

My Name Is Not Sir can help you organise your stuff. You’ve got handouts, flyers, booklets, folders, timetables, notes, passwords, procedures, a whole load of new things to remember and learn. My Name Is Not Sir can help you make sense of it all so the demands of your lecturers, teachers and tutors can be met.

My Name Is Not Sir can get you there and help you stay there.

Proofreading support

My Name Is Not Sir can help you proofread essays and assignments to make sure they are clear and accurate in language and punctuation.

If you like, My Name Is Not Sir can even be there from the beginning with guidance on research, planning and drafting.

My Name Is Not Sir can also help with style and formatting and give you advice on how to hand in a finished piece that completes the task.

My Name Is Not Sir can help you make the best start to the year.

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