My Name Is Not Sir

March 4, 2020

Active, Intelligent and Meaningful (AIM) Reading in English

This session will make you more confident in selecting and creating accessible texts and using stimulating activities to support learners to develop English language reading skills across all subject areas.

In this session you will

  • learn active strategies for dealing with texts in the classroom.
  • develop subject specific resources for your own teaching.
  • understand the reasons why your students find reading difficult.
  • learn how to assess the ‘readability’ of texts for your students (topic, length, language, etc).
  • understand how embedding language skills development into subject learning is useful.
  • receive free resource templates to create specific classroom reading activities.

Format: Guided activities investigating the processes involved in accessing, reading and understanding English language texts.  Using models and templates, participants will collaborate and develop activities and resources for use in all learning environments.
Participants: This session is for teachers of all subjects who want to develop their skills in supporting learners to access English language texts in arts, sciences, social sciences, humanities and other curriculum subject areas.

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