My Name Is Not Sir

March 4, 2020

Trinity GESE Grade 5. The holy grail ..


“The true elementary level.” (6 / 12)


A 10 minute, 1:1 interview with a Trinity examiner.

1. Greetings

  • Say hello and show your ID. Give the examiner a copy of your topic form for the topic phase.
  • Make eye contact with the examiner.
  • Smile.
  • Answer the examiner’s introductory questions.
  • Listen to the examiner’s description of the exam.

2. Discussion

(Up to) 5 minutes discussion on a topic chosen by the candidate.

  • The examiner asks questions and makes comments on at least four points from the topic form to facilitate a spontaneous discussion.
  • The candidate must ask the examiner at least one question.

  • Pick a topic you are really interested in that is different from your classmates.
  • Make sure you do your research and have lots of things to say about your topic.
  • Make sure you know a wide range of vocabulary related to your topic.
  • Ask questions to the examiner about your topic.
  • Listen to the examiner’s questions carefully so that you make natural, appropriate contributions that incorporate language of the grade.


  • Memorising / Recitation. You will not pass if you do this!

3. Conversation

(Up to) 5 minutes conversation on 2 subject areas chosen by the examiner from the following list:

A 1:1 genuine exchange of information, ideas and opinions.

4. Thank you and goodbye

4. Phonology

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