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Who is Michael Lynch?


As a teacher, teacher trainer and examiner, I work with learners of all ages from all backgrounds and cultures and with diverse specific learning needs. I specialise in language, literacy and learning skills development and support students and teachers engaged in accessing national and international  qualifications.

I work with learners with recognised and unrecognised issues related to diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions that affect learning experiences including dyslexia, hyperlexia, dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other learning difficulties. I also work with all types of gifted and talented learners.

My practice focuses on creating learner-centred and learner-empowering environments using communication and collaboration to support the acquisition and development of personal qualities, skills and knowledge, with particular emphasis on strategies that minimise stresses caused by the requirements of institution or qualification led education.

Who is My Name Is Not Sir?

cropped-img_3265-11.jpegMy Name is Not Sir is a pseudonym that came from using the phrase on an almost daily basis when I was a language and literacy teacher in a mainstream college in the UK. Many students had been so deeply affected by their experiences at school that they found it difficult to call me anything else.

My name is Michael Lynch. I have been a teacher, teacher trainer and examiner specialising in language, literacy and study skills support for students and teachers at all levels and in all areas of learning for many years. I work in the UK and world wide.

With a focus on the development of language, literacy and study skills, I have supported students to achieve national and international accreditation at all levels and in many different subject areas.

I have particular experience and interest in working with students who sometimes find it ‘difficult’ to ‘achieve their full potential’ in conventional learning environments.

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Pay What You Want






How much does a session cost?

My Name Is Not Sir operates a ‘Pay What You What’ system for consultations and sessions for private individuals.

How does that work, then?

It’s simple! You decide how much you think the session is worth and what you can afford, pay that amount to My Name Is Not Sir by online bank transfer after the session and all is cool.

My Name Is Not Sir didn’t invent this system, we only found out about it the other day, thanks to a Life Coaching session with Chris Edwards.

Here is some information about it:

It seems like a good idea.

For organisations and long distance sessions, a slightly different arrangement is usually necessary. If you are interested in booking sessions and discussing remuneration, please contact My Name Is Not Sir directly via the link here.

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What are the College Coaching sessions?

The College Coaching sessions are 1:1 meet ups to help you stay on top of your college or uni work. Support can be anything from just organising your files and managing timetables or dealing with communications and understanding assignment briefs to researching, drafting and revising writing and meeting deadlines or preparing for exams and interviews.

What happens in a session?

It depends. We meet up, talk a bit about what you need and take it from there.

Where do they take place?

A face to face session is best and usually takes place in a coffee bar near you. My Name Is Not Sir can help with location, if necessary.

How long does a session last?

It depends on you. The minimum would be the time it takes to drink a coffee. Maximum depends on lots of other things.

How many sessions will I need?

Often it takes just one session to get organized and you’re ‘set to go’. You might decide you want to check up on things and do a session once or twice a term. Maybe more, maybe less. It’s up to you. My Name Is Not Sir can advise you on what kind of session would be useful, for how long and how often.

How much does it cost?

My Name Is Not Sir operates a pay what you want system.

What do I need to bring to a session?

For the first session, it’s probably best to bring the folders, files, handouts, text books, notes, etc. you have gathered so far on your course, if you can carry it all! Your mobile phone is a vital piece of equipment for recording, receiving and communicating information, so bring that and / or any electronic device or notebook that you think could be useful for organising your college or uni work.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Paired or group sessions are not a problem.

How do I get it started?

It’s easy! Just click here.

Who is My Name Is Not Sir?

My Name Is Not Sir Is a pseudonym. For more information click here.