The Assignment Fix Sessions

It’s not an essay deadline until somebody’s in tears

Smash yr face into my textbook – 4th edition.
a lot of extra material added.
i am hitting the bong and it is my homemade bong and i am 22,
now i am 23
let’s take these bread-knives and cut each other up.
you hold my legs down first and saw them both off
then i’ll take ur feet too, take my left arm and chop
and I’ll do you the same until we both all right
lock eyes and saw slowly off our dominant hands until
plop — plop —
we just stumps with a head, smash them up and scoop out
20 grand, put it thru your processor
double-spaced, font size 12, stapled,
on my desk by Monday​

Dominic Nolan

“Does it really have to be this way?”

“No, it doesn’t. Let me take you to a better place.”

Basic Info. 001:    “When’s it in for?”

Basic Info. 002:    “How many words?”

Basic Info. 003:    “What’s the brief?”

“Then, from understanding the brief, through reading and research, planning content and structure to drafting and redrafting, checking style and grammar, punctuation and spelling, revising, formatting, referencing, confirming word count and, finally, submission ; by deadline, the Assignment Brief Sessions will help you with your essay, assignment, dissertation, thesis, whatever your area of study, whatever your level.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Long Sen Tensraita, East West South Front, North Angelina, USO*

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